Endoscopic Consumables Injectors Endoscopic Needle for Single Use

Endoscopic Consumables Injectors Endoscopic Needle for Single Use

Short Description:

1.Working Length 180 &230 CM

2.Available in /21/22/23/25 Gauge

3.Needle – Short and Sharp Beveled for 4mm 5mm and 6mm.

4.Availability -Sterile For Single use only.

5.Specially Developed Needle To Provide Secure Firm Grip With Inner Tube & Prevent Possible Leakage From The Joint Of Inner Tube & Needle.

6.Specially Developed Needle Give Pressure To Inject The Drug.

7.Outer tube is made of PTFE. It is smooth and will not cause any damage to the endoscopic channel during its insertion.

8.The device can easily follow tortuous anatomies to reach the target via endoscope.

Product Detail

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Endoscopic Injection Treatment of Esophageal and Gastric Varices.
Endoscopic Injection of Submusosa in GI Tract.
Injector Needles- Sclero Therapy Needle Used for Endoscopic Injection into Esophageal Varices above O.G.Junction. Used for Endoscopic injection to introduce a sclerosing agent of vasoconstrictor into selected sites to control actual or potential bleeding lesions. The injection of saline to aid in Endoscopic Mucosal Resection (EMR), Polypectomy procedures and to control non-variceal haemorrhage.


Model Sheath O.D.D±0.1(mm) Working Length L±50(mm) Needle Size(Diameter/Length) Endoscopic Channel(mm)
ZRH-PN-2418-214 Φ2.4 1800 21G,4mm ≥2.8
ZRH-PN-2418-234 Φ2.4 1800 23G,4mm ≥2.8
ZRH-PN-2418-254 Φ2.4 1800 25G,4mm ≥2.8
ZRH-PN-2418-216 Φ2.4 1800 21G,6mm ≥2.8
ZRH-PN-2418-236 Φ2.4 1800 23G,6mm ≥2.8
ZRH-PN-2418-256 Φ2.4 1800 25G,6mm ≥2.8
ZRH-PN-2423-214 Φ2.4 2300 21G,4mm ≥2.8
ZRH-PN-2423-234 Φ2.4 2300 23G,4mm ≥2.8
ZRH-PN-2423-254 Φ2.4 2300 25G,4mm ≥2.8
ZRH-PN-2423-216 Φ2.4 2300 21G,6mm ≥2.8
ZRH-PN-2423-236 Φ2.4 2300 23G,6mm ≥2.8
ZRH-PN-2423-256 Φ2.4 2300 25G,6mm ≥2.8

Products Description


Needle Tip Angel 30 Degree
Sharp puncture

Transparent Inner Tube
Can be used to observe blood return.

Strong PTFE Sheath Construction
Facilitates advancement through difficult pathways.


Ergonomic Handle Design
Easy to control the needle moving.

How the Disposable Endoscopic Needle Works
A endoscopic needle is used to inject fluid into the submucosal space to elevate the lesion away from the underlying muscularis propria and create a less flat target for resection. 


Endoscopic Needle are Used in EMR or ESD

Q; EMR or ESD, how to determine?
A; EMR should be the first choice for the below situation:
●Superficial lesion in Barrett's esophagus;
●Small gastric lesion <10mm, IIa, difficult position for ESD;
●Duodenal lesion;
●Colorectal non-granular/non-depressed <20mm or granular lesion.
A; ESD should be the top choice for:
●Squamous cell carcinoma (early) of the esophagus;
●Early gastric carcinoma;
●Colorectal (non-granular/depressed >20mm) lesion.

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