Endoscope Accessories Delivery Systems Rotatable Hemostasis Clips Endoclip

Endoscope Accessories Delivery Systems Rotatable Hemostasis Clips Endoclip

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Rotation with the handle at 1:1 ratio. (*Rotate the handle while holding the tube joint with one hand)

Reopen function prior to deployment. (Caution: Open and close up to five times)

MR Conditional : Patients undergo an MRI procedure after clip placement.

11mm Adjustable Opening.

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Our endoclip are used to stop bleeding from small arteries within the digestive tract. 
Indications for treatment also include: Bleeding ulcers, diverticula in the colon, luminal perforations smaller than 20 mm.


Model Clip Opening Size(mm) Working Length(mm) Endoscopic Channel(mm) Characteristics
ZRH-HCA-165-9-L 9 1650 ≥2.8 Gastro Uncoated
ZRH-HCA-165-12-L 12 1650 ≥2.8
ZRH-HCA-165-15-L 15 1650 ≥2.8
ZRH-HCA-235-9-L 9 2350 ≥2.8 Colon
ZRH-HCA-235-12-L 12 2350 ≥2.8
ZRH-HCA-235-15-L 15 2350 ≥2.8
ZRH-HCA-165-9-S 9 1650 ≥2.8 Gastro Coated
ZRH-HCA-165-12-S 12 1650 ≥2.8
ZRH-HCA-165-15-S 15 1650 ≥2.8
ZRH-HCA-235-9-S 9 2350 ≥2.8 Colon
ZRH-HCA-235-12-S 12 2350 ≥2.8
ZRH-HCA-235-15-S 15 2350 ≥2.8

Products Description


360°Rotatable Clip Degign
Offer a precise placement.

Atraumatic Tip
prevents the endoscopy from damage.

Sensitive Release System
easy to release clip provision.

Repeated Opening and Closing Clip
for a accurate positioning.


Ergonomically Shaped Handle
User Friendly

Clinical Use
The Endoclip can be placed within the Gastro-intestinal (GI) tract for the purpose of hemostasis for:
Mucosal/sub-mucosal defects < 3 cm
Bleeding ulcers, -Arteries < 2 mm
Polyps < 1.5 cm in diameter
Diverticula in the #colon
This clip can be used as a supplementary method for closure of GI tract luminal perforations < 20 mm or for #endoscopic marking.


Application of EMR/ESD accessories

Accessories needed for EMR operation include injection needle, polypectomy snares, endoclip and ligation device (if applicable) single-use snare probe could be used for both EMR and ESD operations, it also names all-in-one due to its hybird functions. Ligation device could assist polyp ligate, also used for purse-string-suture under endoscop, the hemoclip is used for endoscopic hemostasis and clamping the wound in GI tract.

FAQs of EMR/ESD Accessories

Q; What are EMR and ESD?
A; EMR stands for endoscopic mucosal resection, is an outpatient minimally invasive procedure for removing of cancerous or other abnormal lesions found in the digestive tract.
ESD stands for endoscopic submucosal dissection, is an outpatient minimally invasive procedure using endoscopy to remove deep tumors from gastrointestinal tract.

Q; EMR or ESD, how to determine?
A; EMR should be the first choice for the below situation:
●Superficial lesion in Barrett's esophagus;
●Small gastric lesion <10mm, IIa, difficult position for ESD;
●Duodenal lesion;
●Colorectal non-granular/non-depressed <20mm or granular lesion.
A; ESD should be the top choice for:
●Squamous cell carcinoma (early) of the esophagus;
●Early gastric carcinoma;
●Colorectal (non-granular/depressed >
●20mm) lesion.

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