Single Use Endoscopy PTFE Nitinol Guidewire with Hydrophilic Tip

Single Use Endoscopy PTFE Nitinol Guidewire with Hydrophilic Tip

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Zebra Hydrophilic Guide wire are used for negotiating tract during the surgical procedure.

The advantages for acess handling & flexible ureteroscopic passage..

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● Zebra Hydrophilic Guide wire tip designed for smooth access
● Guide wire Tip designed navigation through difficult anatomy
● Hyadrophic coated
● Flexible tip
● Sterile & single Use Only


Model No. Tip Type Max. O.D. Working Length ± 50(mm) Characters
± 0.004(inch) ± 0.1 mm
ZRH-NBM-W-3215 Angled 0.032 0.81 1500 Zebra Guidewire
ZRH-NBM-Z-3215 Straight 0.032 0.81 1500
ZRH-NBM-W-3215 Angled 0.032 0.81 1500 Loach Guidewire
ZRH-NBM-Z-3215 Straight 0.032 0.81 1500

Products Description


Soft Tip Design
Unique soft tip structure can effectively reduce tissue damage when advancing in the urinary tract.

High Kink Resistance
Nitinol core allows maximum deflection without kinking.


Better Tip Development
High proportion of tungsten within jacket, making the guidewire detected under X-rays.

Hydrophilic Coating Tip
Designed to navigate ureteral strictures and facilitate tacking of urological instruments.


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Our products are not only sold in China, but also exported to Europe, South and East Asia, the Middle East and other oversea market.


Q: How to pay express charges if order endoscopic consumables samples?
A: For those customer, who has DHL, FEDEX, TNT, UPS account No. for courer cost to collect,
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A: Usually, we accept T/T, Weatern Union,PayPal.

Q; What else can we buy from you?
A: Gastro Series: hemoclip, biopsy forceps, injection needle, polyp snare, spray catheter, cytology brushes and cleaning brushes etc.
ERCP Series: hydrophilic guide wire, stone extraction basket and nasal biliary drainage catheter etc.
Urology Series: urological guidewire, ureteral access sheath and urinary stone retrieval basket.

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