Gi Disposable Endoscopic Flexible Rotatable Hemoclip Hemostatic Clips

Gi Disposable Endoscopic Flexible Rotatable Hemoclip Hemostatic Clips

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1,Working length 195cm, O.D. 2.6mm

2,Compatible with instrument channel 2.8mm

3,Sync-rotation accuracy

4,Comfortable handle with perfect control feeling Applicator is supplied sterile for single use.An hemoclip is a mechanical, metallic device used in the procedure of medical endoscopy to close two mucosal surfaces without the need for suturing or surgery. Initially, the applicator system of the clip limited the efforts to incorporate clips into applications in endoscopy.

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Hemostasis for:mucosal/submucosal. Defeats <3cm,bleeding ulcers/arteries <2mm, surgery sites,closure of GI luminal performance Used to mechanically bind blood vessels



Model Clip Opening Size (mm) Working Length (mm) Endoscopic Channel (mm) Characteristics
ZRH-HCA-165-9-L 9 1650 ≥2.8 Gastro Uncoated
ZRH-HCA-165-12-L 12 1650 ≥2.8
ZRH-HCA-165-15-L 15 1650 ≥2.8
ZRH-HCA-235-9-L 9 2350 ≥2.8 Colon
ZRH-HCA-235-12-L 12 2350 ≥2.8
ZRH-HCA-235-15-L 15 2350 ≥2.8
ZRH-HCA-165-9-S 9 1650 ≥2.8 Gastro Coated
ZRH-HCA-165-12-S 12 1650 ≥2.8
ZRH-HCA-165-15-S 15 1650 ≥2.8
ZRH-HCA-235-9-S 9 2350 ≥2.8 Colon
ZRH-HCA-235-12-S 12 2350 ≥2.8
ZRH-HCA-235-15-S 15 2350 ≥2.8

Products Description

Biopsy Forceps 7

360°Rotatable Clip Degign
Offer a precise placement.

Atraumatic Tip
prevents the endoscopy from damage.

Sensitive Release System
easy to release clip provision.

Repeated Opening and Closing Clip
for a accurate positioning.


Biopsy Forceps 7

Ergonomically Shaped Handle
User Friendly

Clinical Use
The hemoclip can be placed within the Gastro-intestinal (GI) tract for the purpose of hemostasis for:

Mucosal/sub-mucosal defects < 3 cm
Bleeding ulcers, -Arteries < 2 mm
Polyps < 1.5 cm in diameter
Diverticula in the #colon

This clip can be used as a supplementary method for closure of GI tract luminal perforations < 20 mm or for #endoscopic marking.

Biopsy Forceps 7

Hemoclip can be used in EMR and ESD, then what is the differences between EMR and ESD?

EMR and ESD derived from the same origin and have similar technical characteristics. EMR ESD difference as follows:
The disadvantage of EMR is that it is limited by the size of resectable lesions under endoscopy (less than 2cm). If the lesions are greater than 2cm, it needs to be resected in blocks, the edge treatment of resected tissues is incomplete, and the postoperative pathology is inaccurate.
However, the ESD equipment expands the indications of endoscopic resection. For lesions larger than 2cm, it can also be completely removed. It has become an effective means for the treatment of early gastrointestinal cancer and precancerous lesions.
At present, EMR and ESD are widely used in the resection and treatment of digestive endoscopy.
EMR and ESD technology is the killer of endoscopic resection, and has become an important means of minimally invasive treatment of early gastrointestinal cancer and precancerous lesions. It is believed that EMR and ESD equipment and EMR and ESD endoscopy can create greater medical value for the health of people in the future.

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