Medical Supplies Hydrophilic Coated Ureteral Access Sheath Introducer Sheath

Medical Supplies Hydrophilic Coated Ureteral Access Sheath Introducer Sheath

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1. protect ureteral wall from damage during the repeat exchange of instruments.and also protect the endoscopic

2. the sheath is very thin and big cavity,make instrumnets placed and remove easily.shorten the operation time

3. There is stainless steel wire in the sheath tube to reinforced structure,and coated inside and outside.Flexible and resistant to bending and crushing

4. Increase the success rate of surgery

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Used as a working channel to maintain a previously established access, and to assist the flexible endoscope and other equipment into the urinary tract.


Model Sheath ID (Fr) Sheath ID (mm) Length (mm)
ZRH-NQG-9.5-13 9.5 3.17 130
ZRH-NQG-9.5-20 9.5 3.17 200
ZRH-NQG-10-45 10 3.33 450
ZRH-NQG-10-55 10 3.33 550
ZRH-NQG-11-28 11 3.67 280
ZRH-NQG-11-35 11 3.67 350
ZRH-NQG-12-55 12 4.0 550
ZRH-NQG-13-45 13 4.33 450
 ZRH-NQG-13-55 13 4.33 550
ZRH-NQG-14-13 14 4.67 130
ZRH-NQG-14-20 14 4.67 200
ZRH-NQG-16-13 16 5.33 130
ZRH-NQG-16-20 16 5.33 200

Products Description


The core consists of a sprial coil construction to provide optimal flexibility and maximum resistance to kinking and compression.

Hydrophilic Coating
Allows for ease of insertion. Improved coating is designed for durability in bilateral class.


Internal Lumen
The internal lumen is PTFE lined to facilitate smooth device delivery and removal. Thin wall construction provides the largest possible internal lumen while minimazing the outer diameter.

Tapered tip
Seamless Transition from diator to sheath for ease of insertion.
Radiopaque tip and sheath provide easy viewing of the placement location.


Storage Condition

Put them in airy and dry places and avoid the exposure of corrosive gas
Less than 40 centigrade and keep the humidity between 30%-80%
Pay attention to mice, insects and package damages.

What is ureteral access sheath?

Sterile ureteral access sheath, including the main body of the swirl cavity suction head, the back cover of the swirl cavity suction head, the handle, the access sheath, the pressure monitoring hole, the dilator, the suction tube, the sealing cap, the pressure detection connector, the bracelet and the Liquid pressure sensing channel. The beneficial effects of the patented technology of the utility model are: reasonable design, easy implementation, convenient operation and use, real-time feedback of the pressure in the organ cavity, so as to control the flow of perfusion and suction, and at the same time, the main body can control the flow of perfusion and suction with real-time pressure The ureteral access access sheath with detection and suction ability, while the access sheath is working, the pressure in the organ can be sensed by the liquid pressure sensing channel at all times, which is convenient to adjust the pressure in time during use and prevent the excessive pressure in the cavity from causing damage to the patient. Therefore, , which is very suitable for promotion and implementation.

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