Why are endoscopies soaring in China?

Gastrointestinal tumors attract attention again—-”2013 Annual Report of Chinese Tumor Registration” released

In April 2014, the China Cancer Registry Center released the “2013 Annual Report of China Cancer Registration”.

The data of malignant tumors recorded in 219 out-of-registration records nationwide in 2010 were collected and photographed for the study of tumor prevention and control strategies.

It provides the latest reference basis. The report shows that the current ranking of the incidence and mortality of malignant tumors in the country constitutes

Among them, digestive tract tumors represented by gastric cancer, esophageal cancer, and colorectal cancer continue to rank among the top. Recognizing the hazards of gastrointestinal tumors and striving to have a beautiful life has become a broad consensus of the whole society.

The “incentives” for the double high “morbidity and mortality” are around

According to the 2013 China Cancer Registration Annual Report, in 2010, the morbidity and mortality of gastric cancer, esophageal cancer, colorectal cancer and other digestive tract cancers ranked among the top ten malignant tumors. Taking gastric cancer as an example, the incidence rate reached 23.71 per 100,000 people, and the mortality rate reached 16.64 per 100,000 people.

The data has attracted widespread attention in the medical community. During the “National Cancer Prevention Awareness Week”, medical experts from all over

Concerned about the current situation that the morbidity and mortality of digestive tract tumors in my country remain “double high”, they have put forward some positive suggestions from a professional perspective

According to research, 40% of tumors are caused by unhealthy lifestyle, and the cause of digestive tract cancer is

The main reason is that people eat too much pickled products and eat hot and hard food. At present, the basic elements of the high incidence of gastrointestinal tumors in the public are concentrated in two aspects: diet and living habits. Some people who eat high-fat, high-protein, and high-salt foods for a long time have a much higher chance of developing digestive tract tumors than those who keep a bland diet. In addition, many urban office workers have also joined the high-risk group of digestive tract diseases due to their fast pace of life, high mental stress, irregular meals, and often staying up late to work overtime. It can be seen that the “incentive” of digestive tract tumors that the public talks about is actually hidden in the details of life.

Experts call for “early diagnosis and early treatment”

As the basic elements of inducing digestive tract tumors, bad habits and unhealthy diets in life give the digestive tract

The breeding of swelling and pain provides a hotbed, and it is necessary to improve the diet structure, adhere to scientific work and rest and moderate physical exercise.

hand, to correct it, however, it is not enough to only emphasize the improvement of diet and living habits, do it regularly

Scientific and effective health status monitoring and active implementation of preventive diagnosis and treatment measures are the only way to fight against digestive tract diseases.

A good strategy for threats.

The public in our country generally lacks active awareness of prevention, so it is easy to underestimate some inconspicuous early symptoms of gastrointestinal tumors. For example, stomach pain and acid are often mistaken for acute gastritis, and colorectal cancer onset signals are misinterpreted as hemorrhoids. At present, effective prevention methods for gastrointestinal diseases have not been popularized nationwide, resulting in the early detection rate of gastrointestinal tumors in my country is less than 10%. On the day when the incidence of digestive tract tumors ranks first in the world

Benefiting from the country’s investment in the investigation of gastrointestinal tumors and the good awareness of patients actively seeking medical treatment, the digestive tract

The early detection rate of tumors exceeds 50%. In view of this, medical experts call on the public to strengthen the awareness of “early onset”.

Learning the “three early” concept of diagnosis, early diagnosis, and early treatment, improve awareness of disease prevention, and jointly build a healthy defense line for the digestive tract.

Malignant tumor mortality

Lung Cancer Liver Cancer Stomach Cancer Esophageal Cancer Colorectal Cancer



Popularize endoscopy to build digestive tract health defense line

Digestive tract tumors are often difficult to detect in the early stage, and symptoms such as abdominal distention and pain are easily judged as common diseases, which are difficult to attract attention. Faced with the crux of “difficulty in finding”, the medical community has given the most effective guidance, mainly based on the concept of “three early days”, with health self-assessment and comprehensive endoscopy as necessary means, complementing each other to build a solid foundation. Healthy defense line against the invasion of digestive tract diseases.

At the basic and theoretical level, experts suggest that the public take the initiative to learn and master some basic digestive tract health routines.

It is important to learn to observe the early symptoms of digestive tract tumors, and strengthen self-discipline in life and diet.

Unhealthy, abdominal distension, abdominal pain, diarrhea and other symptoms, you should seek medical attention in time.

Some time, through some professional gastrointestinal health websites, carry out regular health self-tests and track their basic health status in real time. Good living habits and a high degree of vigilance can lay a solid foundation for us to resist the invasion of digestive tract diseases.

On the other hand, regular gastrointestinal endoscopy also needs to be strongly advocated. With the development of endoscopic diagnosis and treatment technology, today’s endoscopy has become the gold standard for digestive tract examination recognized by the medical community, which can effectively solve the problem of “difficulty in finding” digestive tract diseases. Many of the world’s leading medical companies are constantly developing new products and technologies to make endoscopy easier and easier to perform. According to the recommendations of the medical community, those with family history, middle-aged and elderly people over 40 years old, and office workers with poor diet and living habits should have at least one gastrointestinal endoscopy within a year.

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