How to remove common bile duct stones with ERCP

How to remove common bile duct stones with ERCP

ERCP to remove bile duct stones is an important method for the treatment of common bile duct stones, with the advantages of minimally invasive and quick recovery. ERCP to remove bile duct stones is to use endoscopy to confirm the location, size and number of bile duct stones through intracholangiography, and then remove the bile duct stones from the lower part of the common bile duct through a special stone extraction basket. The specific methods are as follows:

1. Removal through lithotripsy: the common bile duct opens in the duodenum, and there is the sphincter of Oddi in the lower segment of the common bile duct at the opening of the common bile duct. If the stone is larger, the sphincter of Oddi needs to be partially incised to expand the opening of the common bile duct, which is conducive to stone removal. When the stones are too large to be removed, the larger stones can be broken into smaller stones by crushing the stones, which is convenient for removal;

2. Removal of stones through surgery: In addition to endoscopic treatment of choledocholithiasis, minimally invasive choledocholithotomy can be performed to remove stones through surgery.

Both can be used for the treatment of common bile duct stones, and different methods need to be selected according to the patient's age, the degree of bile duct dilatation, the size and number of stones, and whether the opening of the lower segment of the common bile duct is unobstructed.

Our products used for removing common bile duct stones with ERCP.

ZhuoRuiHua Medical Single-use Guidewires, designed to be used during endoscopic biliary and pancreati duct procedures for catheter introduction and exchanges, and to enhance the success rate of ERCP. The guide wires consist of a Nitinol core, a highly flexible radiopaque tip(straight or angled ) and a coloured Yellow / Black coating with extremely high sliding properties.Distally,these are equipped with a hydrophilic coating. For protection and better handling, the wires lie in a ring-shaped plastic dispenser. These guidewires are available in the diameters 0.025" and 0.035" with a working length available in 260 cm and 450 cm .The tip of the Guide wire has good elasticity to assist with stricture measurement and the guidewire's hydrophilic tip improves ductal navigation.

The disposable retrival basket from ZhuoRuiHua Medical are of a superior quality and ergonomic design, for easy and safe removal of biliary stones and foreign bodies. Ergonomic instrument handle design facilitates single-hand advancement and withdrawal in a safe, easy manner. The material are made of stainless steel or Nitinol, each with an atraumatic tip. Convenient Injection port ensures a user-friendly and easy injection of contrast medium. Conventional four-wire design inclding diamond, oval, spiral shape to retrieve a wide range of stones. With the ZhuoRuiHua Stone Retrieval Basket, you can ou can handle almost any situation during stone retrieval.

ZhuoRuiHua Medical Nasal Biliary Drainage Catheters are used for a temporarily extracorporeal diversion of the biliary and pancreatic ducts. They provide an effective drainage and thereby reduce the risk of cholangitis. Nasal biliary drainage Catheters are available in 2 basic shapes in the sizes 5 Fr, 6 Fr, 7 Fr and 8 Fr each: pigtail and pigtail with alpha curve shape.The set consists of: a probe,a nasal tube,a drainage connection tube and a Luer Lock connector. The Drainage catheter is made of radiopaque and good liquidity material, easily visible and placement.

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