Medical Gastric Endoscope Biopsy Specimen Forceps for Colonoscopy

Medical Gastric Endoscope Biopsy Specimen Forceps for Colonoscopy

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1. Usage:

Tissue sampling of endoscope

2. Feature:

the jaw is made from medical use stainless steel. Provide moderate stroke with clear beginning and end as well as good feel. The biopsy forceps also provide moderate sampling size and high positive rates.

3. Jaw:

1. Alligator cup with needle biopsy forceps

2. Alligator cup biopsy forceps

3. Oval cup with needle biopsy forceps

4. Oval cup biopsy forceps

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Model Jaw open size(mm) O.D.(mm) Length (mm) Serrated Jaw SPIKE PE Coating
ZRH-BFA-2423-PWL 6 2.3 2300 NO NO NO
ZRH-BFA-2416-PWS 6 2.3 2300 NO NO YES
ZRH-BFA-2416-PZL 6 2.3 2300 NO YES NO
ZRH-BFA-2416-PZS 6 2.3 2300 NO YES YES
ZRH-BFA-2416-CWL 6 2.3 2300 YES NO NO
ZRH-BFA-2416-CWS 6 2.3 2300 YES NO YES
ZRH-BFA-2416-CZL 6 2.3 2300 YES YES NO
ZRH-BFA-2416-CZS 6 2.3 2300 YES YES YES

Products Description

Biopsy Forceps 7

Special Wire Rod Struct
Steel Jaw, four-bar-type structure for excellent mechanic function.

PE Coated with Length Markers
Coated with super-lubricious PE for better glide and protection for endoscopic channel.

Length Markers assist with insertion and withdrawal process are available

Biopsy Forceps 7


Excellent Flexibility
Pass through 210 degree curved channel.

How the Disposable Biopsy Forceps Works
The endoscopic biopsy forceps are used to enter the gastrointestinal tract via a flexible endoscope to obtain tissue samples in order to understand disease pathology. The forceps are available in four configurations(oval cup forceps, oval cup forceps with needle, alligator forceps, alligator forceps with needle) to address a variety of clinical needs, including tissue acquisition.


Details of the use of biopsy forceps

Endoscopic biopsy forceps are routinely used as an endoscope accessory for the examination of suspicious lesions in the digestive tract, but endoscopists can expand the use of biopsy forceps and play an important role in endoscopic diagnosis and treatment. Biopsy forceps are not only used for diagnosis and treatment. Examination can also be used to remove foreign bodies, move and fully display the lesion, mark, make a ruler, clamp traction-assisted endoscopic submucosal dissection (ESD), benign tumor clamp, auxiliary intubation, etc.
The key to the use of biopsy forceps lies in the strength of your hands. The force of the biopsy forceps should be moderate during use. Don't switch too strongly. This will not only fail to grasp the diseased tissue, but also easily damage the biopsy forceps.
The strength control of single use biopsy forceps is the basis of each accessory. You may not feel the strength of single use biopsy forceps during general biopsy, but if you are taking foreign objects, especially coins, if the pliers are too wide open and too strong, it is difficult to hold the coin firmly.

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